On July 24, 2021, members of the Hunt Club Forest community united in song to oppose the unnecessary removal of valuable, long-standing trees, including its plan to ‘put up a parking lot’. The song lyrics of Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi” could not have been more relevant to our issue!

This forest provides relevant ecological, social and environmental benefits to our community. So we sing, united in a vision, that keeps trees standing for future generations. We sing for the wildlife inhabitants to continue having a home. We sing, for cleaner air to breathe. Don’t pave paradise.

A huge thank you to the individuals and families who came out to sing, play and support the forest!

Download(720p: 117MB) Download(1080p: 273MB)

Christophe Elie – Guitar / Vocals – www.chriselie.com
Romani Bays – Guitar / Vocals
Susan McCarthy – Upright Bass / Vocals
Community Members – Percussion, Vocals and Dancing
Lila Elie – Video
Jason Dubue – Video / Production Editing

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  • I fully support the efforts to save this paradise. I played there as a kid and drive around there if I want to lift my spirits.

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