May 13, 2021Otto’s applies to City of Ottawa for zoning & site plan controlProposed storage yard and parking lot.
(D02-02-21-0040) & (D07-02-21-0061)
June 14, 2021SHCF Facebook Group created#savehuntclubforest
July 1, 2021Owen Clarkin guided walkOwen Clarkin guided residents through the forest’s diversity, to identify species.
July 12, 2021Meeting with OIAACouncillor Brockington and Deans met with the OIAA to discuss Otto’s application
July 12, 2021SHCF Website official launch
July 24, 2021“Big Yellow Taxi” Song recordedView on Website or YouTube
Aug 10, 2021Toolkit Download (Poster, cards)View on Website
Aug 11, 2021Large sign on Lowe Martin property removed by OIAA landlord (bully)View on Facebook
Aug 25, 2021Otto’s BMW withdraws their item from Planning Committee meetingView Website article
Oct 26, 2021Letter to Mayor from OIAA“For year one, rent for the parcel would be approximately $607,500…”
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Nov 19, 2021Response from Ottawa to OIAA“…consider public opinions and to demonstrate leadership in environment…”
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Dec 8, 2021Laroche’s letter to the City.“…the Authority therefore intends to harvest the trees shortly…”
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Jan 19, 2022Letters (above) passed onCorrespondence between OIAA and Mayor/City was provided to Councillors, after a delay (The 3 letters above)
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Jan 27, 2022Petition reaches 20,000 signaturesView Online Petition
Jan 27, 2022Meeting with OIAACouncillor Brockington and Councillor Deans met with Airport Authority CEO Mark Laroche and Vice-President Krista Kealey to request clarification on timelines and see if a deal could be made for the land.
Feb 22, 2022OIAA letter to City CouncilA note to councillors voting on an upcoming motion. Read the Letter »
Feb 23, 2022City Council approved Motion to explore a land swapView on Website