What are we protesting?

  • the cutting down of trees to build a parking lot and possibly additional storage space where a naturalizing forest from an old Red Pine tree plantation exists at the north side of a deciduous forest – right here (south of Hunt Club Rd and Norht of De Niverville Private).

Why does it matter to you?

  • in this era of Climate Emergency we need to protect all urban forests and our City’s Tree Canopy because trees … provide economical, environmental, social, and cultural benefits to all of us: 


  • provide valuable ecosystem services;
  • reduce energy costs;
  • increase property values;
  • decrease health costs
  • help to define the culture and image of our nation’s Capital City by showing that urban forests are valued not just in words but in action;
  • help market Canada’s Capital Region (local hotels and other businesses)


  • reduce stormwater flows, erosion and nutrient loads; 
  • reduce air pollution and airborne particulates; 
  • sequester carbon – helping to combat the effect of Greenhouse Gases;
  • provide a natural cool urban oasis (shade too!) in the middle of urban Heat Islands due to pavement, concrete and deforestation;
  • support biodiversity and habitat;


  • encourage outdoor activity – cycling, walking, running, nature studies, foraging;
  • reconnect children with nature;
  • reduce people’s exposure to sun;
  • reduce heat-related illnesses;
  • improve mental wellbeing;


  • provide a sense of place and local identity;
  • connect to First Nations culture (Algonquin);
  • connect with Canadian history.

What is the desired outcome?

1.  The entire forested parcel of land South of Hunt Club Rd and North of De Niverville Private, West of Otto’s car dealership and East of Lowe-Martin Group bldg and Billy Bishop Private, running N-S, rezoned from T1A to EP (Environmentally Protected).  

2.  Partnership with interested parties (business, political, environmental agencies, community members) to restore the neglected portion of the Hunt Club Creek and the Red Pine naturalizing forest to its full potential as a healthy habitat for all life within it.  The community (with support from other stakeholders) commit to being the Environmental Stewards of this Hunt Club forest and creek.

3.  Lead the way for many other similar WIN-WIN-WIN successes throughout the City of Ottawa,  that will spotlight our Nation’s Capital City as leaders on the environmental and sustainable urban development front.

How are you going to achieve this?

  • a multi-prong pressure approach with local, provincial and federal politicians, and businesses, expressing our objection to current plan and our reasons why;
  • offering alternative suggestions to allow local car dealership to continue to prosper with their business;
  • entering communication to build relationships with all stakeholders, including the Airport Authority;
  • a committed research campaign to obtain all pertinent information related to this situation;
  • Monday to Friday (daily for some) morning and Saturday afternoon protest walks along Hunt Club Rd at Paul Anka Dr to the forest’s edge at the West end;
  • help from the media;
  • petition now at over 11,000 signatories;
  • making of and using various hand-held and posted signs;
  • Facebook, Twitter, Googlegroups, website are all actively engaging citizens all around our City!

Hope this is helpful!

Even if you highlighted just ONE of these points, it WILL be helpful!   Talk to your kids about this too! They are smart cookies, as you know! Together Everyone Achieves More!

We WILL succeed as long as we keep at it, and KEEP OUR EYES ON THE PRIZE!

See you later, 

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