Recently revealed correspondence between the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa International Airport Authority (OIAA) stated that they plan to remove the trees “shortly”, whether or not Otto’s application is approved. Although this is not surprising, it does show their tenacity and their eagerness for money by commercializing the land.

The initial letter to Mayor Jim Watson was written on October 26, 2021. Despite the fact that councillors Brockington and Deans have been vocally championing this community cause since June, there was an inexplicable delay (3 months) from the mayor’s office in passing this time sensitive information along.

Below are the letters between the OIAA and the City of Ottawa:

Letter to Mayor Jim Watson – Oct 26, 2021

Response from City of Ottawa to OIAA – Nov 19, 2021

Response from OIAA to City of Ottawa – Dec 8, 2021

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